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This design can be customised / personalised, if you would like to have something added or changed please select  a package from the editing options available here



Geometric, Rams Head, Capricorn Abstract 009

PriceFrom £7.50
  • General Information & Application Kit Upgrade

    All designs are fully customisable with the edition of an editing package, if you are unsure as to what editing option is best for you please contact us here or via the live chat below with your requirements. All editing packages are listed below.  


    These tattoos are supplied as stand alone products, you will receive your bespoke tattoo + an allergy test tattoo & full instructions.


    Upgrade to an application kit here


    Upgrade to an application kit and get free next day tracked delivery (with UPS)


    InkBound Application Kit's will give you a more authentic experience with your temporary tattoo 


    The kit includes the following (see more here - Application Kits)


    Placement Pen


    This will help you mark out the positioning of your tattoo so there are no placement mistakes, once the tattoo is face down on your skin you cannot lift it and re-place it as it will be damaged. This pen is skin safe, will wash off immediately or if can last a day or so if you want to enjoy some skin doodling with it. Do not draw on your skin and place the tattoo directly over the pen marks as in places where the image is white or very light your tattoo will be transparent so anything underneath will show through for the duration of the tattoo’s lifespan.


    Prep Pads


    These are to use pre-application, they clean the area to remove any oils from your skin to allow the tattoo to lay on an evenly, making sure your skin is clean is a large part of getting the best out of your tattoo. 


    Finishing Serum 


    The Finishing Serum is a professional SFX film industry quality product designed to act as a layer over the top of your water transfer tattoo to not only remove the shine & make it look real but also to protect the tattoo and increase its lifespan.


    Things to note about the Finishing Serum...


    • The serum is vegan & cruelty free
    • The amount you’ll receive in your kit is relative to the size of your tattoo, however you’ll always get you at least double the quantity you’ll need.
    • A little goes a long way!!! think ‘hair gel’ - a tiny bit can cover your entire head!
    • It dries quickly, keep the lid on tight when you’re not using it.
    • Please practice using the serum with your allergy test tattoo! This not only allows for an allergy test but also gives you an idea of consistency & technique for when you apply your bespoke tattoo.


    Full instructions will be included, please take note of the application technique as it has been tested and constructed for you to get the very best out of your tattoo, Whilst these are water transfer tattoos they are of a higher quality and standard so the extra details (for example - using warm water rather than cold or hot) throughout the application make a difference to the outcome. 


    *Application kits are an upgradable product, they can not be purchased on their own. 

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