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Free of charge with your order includes:

  • Changing colour / basic filters 

  • Contrast / Saturation 

  • Image cropping

  • Image sharpening

£0 + No editing (white background is transparent on skin)

  • About these editing options

    8/10 times the images you'll upload will need some form of editing in order to create a high quality water transfer tattoo. This could be anything from a simple background removal to an entire image overhaul converting from photograph to graphic. We are also aiming to create your vision perfectly so you are also able to make graphic design requests that include adding or removing text, changing colour, sharpening lines, amalgamating images & anything else that you require us to do to create the desired result. 

    Please keep in mind we are not tattoo artists and we will not draw your designs from scratch, if you are looking for an artist to draw for you please visit our find an artist page. The editing services we offer are based on the following conditions.

    You provide the original image in a high enough resolution for us to work from. 
    You select the correct editing tier that you need for your image
    You leave clear instructions to what you would like to have changed about your image /design. 

    The costings here are based purely on how much time is involved to edit in each category.

    Obviously the example edits here are just guides, if you are not sure which tier you should choose please reach out to ask.

    IMPORTANT: Please keep an eye on your inbox after you order as if necessary we will contact you re your design.

  • Please Note

    This free 'basic editing' graphic design package is limited to all of the above only, if you request any editing here that falls into our Tiers 1. 2, 3 & 4 packages then we will contact you to discuss your needs. 

    If you are unsure about your image please either contact us via the live chat or email the image to

custom temporary tattoos-9_edited_edited


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