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What does InkBound Do?

InkBound is a bespoke pre-tattoo service designed to help you explore your options and choose your next permanent tattoo with more clarity and confidence than ever before.

It's a 'try before you buy' experience for your future permanent tattoo.

It’s the gift of foresight and experimenting with a temporary version of the tattoo you plan on getting will answer any questions or doubts you have about design, size & placement. It will also give you a chance to make changes in preparation of your permanent piece + you’ll get to experience how you'll look and feel when you do get the real thing.

We will deliver you...


A perfectly sized & cut full colour replica of your own tattoo design (up to 26 x19cm) + an allergy test tattoo and full instructions.


Upgrade to an SFX 'Real Look' Application Kit   


InkBound application kits offer a superior experience with your tattoo.


You’ll receive a temporary tattoo placement pen to help you achieve the perfect positioning, skin prep pads to clean & prepare your skin

pre-application and our professional SFX Finishing Serum to remove the shine and prolong the life span of your tattoos giving you the most authentic experience possible with a temporary tattoo


Uploading your image and ordering your tattoo takes less than a few minutes. Once ordered you can then expect to receive your tattoo in the post within 5-7 days. All tattoos are handmade on demand so please allow between 3 - 5 working days for production. If you have an urgent requirement please reach out via the chat box or contact us we will do our best to accommodate.

Need Inspiration?

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We now have thousands of designs available to either be made as they are or customised to turn them into your own vision.

All tattoos are custom made for you on demand and to your size requirements. As standard you can purchase any of these designs from 3cm up to 20cm - if you require something over 20cm then please reach out via the contact us to see if it can be made larger for you - most can but its really dependant on the design shape. 

InkBound offers you a unique on-demand service to try your intended tattoo design as an exact sized water transfer replica before you commit your skin to ink permanently,

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